Any Time Moisturizer Cream For Sensitive Skin

ENSI-ATM Cream is indicated for dry skin conditions. If helps to control the cutaneous drying up the face Deficiency of sebaceous secretion; deficiency of hydration; disorders of keratinization; senile skin; skin exposed to solar and climatic aggressions.
Properties: ENSI-ATM is both, a moisturising and emollient cream that smoothens and hydrates the skin.
Glycerin: Acts both as a lubricant and a humactant, since when absorbed, its hygroscopic action may enhance moisture retention.
On the surface to the skin, the hydro-lipidic film once restored can play its part of cutaneous protection, which contributes to maintain an optimal level of hydration.
ENSI-ATM Cream is nicely textured, easy to apply and penetrates rapidly without leaving the skin greasy and sticky.
Tolerance: ENSI-ATM presents an excellent tolerance. Neither side effects nor irritation, nor allergy were notified.
Indications: Dry skin conditions.

How to use:

Apply ENSI-ATM Cream two or three time a day on perfectly cleaned skin, by gentle massage.


Glycerin IP

Pack: 50GM